Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will be in "War" Soon!!!

A month from today, the most important and critical moment I will face for the year 2008. The final examination is just around the corner and it will start on 20th April 2008, but I still have time updating my blog because I want to update it. There will be seven subjects to be fought in that war;

i. Malaysia Legal System
ii. Law of Tort
ii. Contract Law
iv. Constitutional Law
v. English Critical Reading and Comprehension
vi. Arabic
vii. Islamic and Asian Civilization

It is not easy, and it will be never an easy moment to go through. One month is a scary period of time. A lot of things disturbing my mind especially the question whether I have an enough time to cover all seven subjects in time before 20th April is coming.

The mind cannot stop thinking
The heart cannot stop worrying
But the lines keep appearing

The study territory is unmanageable!!! Must keep it untidy, so I know I'm doing my revision.



The horrors of examination... Well brother, I have long since passed that stage and now am doing something else, writing papers after papers for my piece of parchment. Anyway, there is no quick remedy to passing exams, especially like yours involving law. Mine is a bit simpler, writing assignments based on my business environment but it is still tough. Anyway, good luck and cheers.

thanks Roh for the advice and thanks again for being on my blog..

tq kak Nadia.. my war, hope will be your war too.. hehehehe :)

what?? noo .. not mine.ahhaha.had enuff of these wars. i've got no more subjects left for this final year! well,i hope..hehe. sebab result akan keluar this early april.concentrating on research.will be damn busy aniway! (screams) -off to the making of nasik aye-