Saturday, April 19, 2008

35th Game Not Gonna Be So Easy

Even though my final exam is just around the corner which the first paper will be on next Monday 21st April 2008, but to keep updating my blog and to be always updated with EPL and Manchester United is not the problems. So... tonight, around 12 midnight, the Red Devil will be at Ewood Park to play against a quite tough team - Blackburn Rovers which now at 9th rank of English Premier League.

Last week, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo for the nice penalty shoot and bigger thanks to Owen Hargreaves for his winning goal came from his great free kick and Lehman just watched the ball kicked by Hargreaves entered his goal. It is very very vital to win over Blackburn tonight because yesterday, Chelsea won over Everton and they are approaching Man United, now with only 2 points behind the Red Devil and Chelsea will meet Man United next week 26th April 2008.


19th April 2008

1715 - London
0015 - Kuala Lumpur (20th April 2008)

Ewood Park

Defensive play might be quite applicable tonight but scoring more goals seems better to keep the Red Devil on the right way to win EPL's Title again



Good luck to both! One way or another...

Will focus more on UCL,:)

Happy weekend.