Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Disapointment

Simply said, this is another disappointment I have after I suffered to saw 1-1 result against Blackburn Rovers few days ago. As one of my blogger friend said, we do need a "lady luck" in football. When a "lady luck" does not on our side, that what will happen - Ronaldo was missing the golden chance of away goal when he failed to complete the penalty. As the top scorer of English Premier League and 38 goals this season - that mistake shouldn't be done by player like him.

So, I really can't wait for second leg at Old Trafford and as far as I concern, Manchester is better when they are at their home and I hope there will be no disappointment anymore. The Red Devil still has chance to the final, nobody can say nothing - even how much they hate the Red Devils because the semifinal is not ended yet. Wait and see after the 90 minutes at Old Trafford soon.

Read ESPNsoccernet's Report.

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Salam, terima kasih kerana singgah di Wildborneo. You a nice blog here, mostly football now. I watched the Liverpool-Chelsea. I wanted Liverpool to win. As for MU-Barca, don't like both teams. Please come again to wildborneo and my other blogs.

..dejected Ronaldo...missed a free goal-penalty!...a mistake that should never happened.

With possessions of 28% only,obviously Barca overruled the game last nite,although the Devil has few chances.

Nonetheless,a gr8 match to watch.
Good luck in the 2nd leg.

I don't follow this sport at all...but I hope that your team wins!

salam bro... thanx lawat blog aku... aku dah add link blog kamu...

mr sanib said. Salam. Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate. Yeah, I wrote about football, but not so much posts about it. Maybe when Euro comes, it will be more posts about football.

My friend Noushy. Yeah, like you said, this time no "ladyluck". Something wrong with Man United. They should play better over Barca especially with Barca now having few conflict in the team. I will expect better play at Old Trafford.

Hi Julie. It's ok. Thanks for the wish and the visit again. Really appreciate it.

Bro, thanks for visiting and adding.

wow, u r a sport lover??

Well, I think ManU have a load of luck, especially when it comes to decisions by the ref. Personally, I think an all English final will be BORING! Defeats the point of the Champions League I think. I'm rooting for Liverpool anyway so...
Hey, Barca are missing players. That's not good so maybe we WILL end up with all English final...?
Damn, that's bad.
Oh well. Love the blog.

Hey Hazel. Yeah, I'm a kind of sport lover. The thing is I only love soccer but I watch other sports too.

hey Jamjar. Thanks for visiting. If MU makes it in second leg, I will so relief. I can't expect which team from Liverpool and Chelsea will make to final, but frankly said, Chelsea has greater advantage.

Actually, I think Chelsea were really lucky too! Although, I am biased...

Hiya :) I can't wait for the match on Tuesday!! The atmosphere at Old Trafford will be great!! Game days are lots of fun to work!

I work in the staffing department for Man U ... so I hire staff, book them in for match days and non match day functions, and on match days I walk around to make sure they're doing what they are supposed to be doing. I do get to sneak a peek at the game every once in a while haha!!

You and Man UTD.You are a true fan.
My ggod luck goes to my own W.B.A this wekend.

I have linked you in my last post, just a meme thing. Make sure it shows up on your technorati, because they are being a bit slow updating things.

Hey Jamjar, good luck for Liverpool ok.

Hi Girliegeek.
I'm so excited to hear that you work for Manchester United. i really like if you could share your experience working with them. I hope Man Utd will win this 26th against Chelsea and against Barcelona in 2nd leg.

Hi Babooshka. Thanks for linking me.

I think I should learn a little bit about WBA, because I don't really know about then.

Have a nice day my friend.

Hi Faizal, just stopping by to say have a good weekend! Enjoy ur football! :)


Hi Marzie. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the wish.

Thanks Noushy. Hope Chelsea will beat Liverpool.