Thursday, April 10, 2008

AS Roma? No More!!

The Red Devil kicked AS Roma's a*s, as Red Devil defeated Roma 1-0 in the second leg of Champions Leagues quarter final. Thanks to Argentina bright striker, Carlor Teves for his flying header in 70th minute to beat Roma's goalkeeper, Doni and helped the Red Devil to step to semi final. Bigger opponent is waiting in semi final, the Spain's giant club - Barcelona.

Roma, however had a chance for goal when Roma was awarded a penalty in 30th minute but Daniele De Rossi wasted the chance when his spot-kick high over the bar. The mistake was a great relief for Manchester United especially to the manager, Sir Alex and the goalkeeper, Edwin Van der Sar.

With the only goal from Teves in the second leg, Manchester United won over AS Roma with aggregate 3-0. And this time, again Red Devil is beating Roma after United defeated Roma last year with bigger number of goals.

But, the journey is still not at the end because Barcelona is waiting to put United down. The match against Barcelona soon, gonna be tougher and the Red Devil must work harder.

The hope of United's fans all around the world is to see the Red Devil wins two cups of EPL and Champions League and to prove Manchester United is still the greatest name in English football and the greatest name in the world of football.

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Hiya Faizal, ^5! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a shout. The net has been really sloooooow these past few weeks.

Congrats to your MU. I hope they go all out to win both the Champions League and the Premier League. Better them the Chelsea ... LOL!

do we still need to prove it?

Hi Mary Ann.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice day.

Hey Nick. Thanks for wishing the best for MU. I can't Arsenal pretty unlucky because if I'm not mistaken, Arsenal already lead Liverpool 2-0 in second leg. I don't know how come Liverpool suddenly made it to win 4-2 over Arsenal.

Bro Taufiq.
No, we won't because we ALWAYS prove it. LOL