Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad Constitutional Final Paper

One law paper was settled down today, around 215pm-515pm, but the bad thing is, it was a hard and difficult paper. There were hard and difficult questions to be answered. Constitutional law or in Bahasa Malaysia is "Undang-Undang Perlembagaan".

There are 5 questions in Part A - answer all.

3 questions in Part B - answer two out of three.

1 question in Part C - cannot choose, must answer the only question in this part - and here the problem because it is a problematic question and it is very problematic to me to answer it.

I need to handle the issue of life deprivation and personal liberty. Not easy.

Simply said, I am disappointed with myself today because I couldn't answer this paper so well.

So, I have to accept whatever result that will appear on 12th June soon.

Wish me luck.



Faizal, any result will be good as long as you know that you tried your best and did all you could. That's what I always tell myself anyway (got drilled into me by my folks).
Good luck anyway

Hi Jamjar. Its really nice of you for those word. Yeah, I'm disappointed but I still try to calm myself down. Try to relax and just ready for next paper. Thanks again Jamjar.

Good luck Faizal! I'm sure you did good :)

just take it easy n don't stress yourself, wish you luck!

Hello Rozella.
Thanks for the visit. Frankly said, I'm not did that good. Something goes wrong.

Hi Martini.
Yeah, I'm trying to take it easy and didn't stress myself. Thanks for the advice.