Friday, April 4, 2008

Blogtv.Com - Live TV From Your PC

The brand new BlogTV is now on the net. BlogTV offers you the live broadcast of your videos to be shown to other net's users all around the world. The BlogTV gives chances for you to show off your talent through its live show.

Once you surf the BlogTV webpage, you'll be attracted with it simple but cool design. Share your video of life, experience, hobbies, activities, interest just right here on BlogTV. There are a lot of videos on BlogTV with few categories such as comedy, arts, entertainment, sports, technolgy and games.

Besides sharing your very own video, you can also watch other's funny and creative videos on BlogTV. BlogTV also has other stuff like Tips and Tricks for your videos and BlogTV Mobile. It is new, fresh, attractive, fun and full of excitement. So why don't you try to give a shot by uploading your videos to BlogTV where live broadcast is there. Free signup of BlogTV (for now) and have fun dudes.