Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't be So Proud, Just Own Goal

It was a lucky day for the Blues, so don't so proud, but it still a goal, and I can deny it. An own goal by Riise in 95th minute of injury time is so luck for Chelsea. Dirk Kuyt scored a first half goal for Liverpool lead the match and they really had a few great chances to score more goals, but all those chances were wasted and Liverpool should win the game until Riise gave away one free goal for Chelsea with his own header passed his own goalkeeper.

So, the game ended with 1-1, one goal by Liverpool for Liverpool and another goal by Liverpool for Chelsea, so for Blues' supporters, be grateful to Riise for the goal and Riise should blame himself for the mistake because it was a first leg of Champions League semi-final, not just an ordinary game.

Chelsea's players, they were not scoring any goal and I didn't see the reason for them to be so proud with the only own goal that allow them to bring back one away goal which is really an advantage for Chelsea when they play against Liverpool in second leg at Stamford Bridge.

Read ESPNsoccernet's Report.

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hehhehehe..Chelsea is not proud of it, it's only your word-analysis, but who cares..goal is a goal, regardless!!In playing football, we do need that 'lady luck' at time...just like the Devils when draw with Blackburn,where you almost lost to the Rovers:)

The terrible mistakes of the Liver - FOOL that lead to a stride advantage to Chelsea...:)

Good day my friend.

I can't deny that thing Noushy. We do need lady luck.

Have a great day my friend.