Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Peeps, Don't Read One Side Story Only

As professional players, I'm sure there were reasons why Man United's players involved in scuffle with with Chelsea's staff and for sure, it was not because Man United lose 1-2 to Chelsea because Man United had lose before and this incident never happened before. Man United's will not react like that unless there were something came from Chelsea's staff.

Patrice Evra, Gary Neville, Ji-Sung Park and Paul Scholes were warming down after a 2-1 defeat when they were asked to move by groundstaff, sparking a row.

"The security cameras will show the provocation we received - I have never seen anything like this in my career" (read this part again and over again)
Carlos Tevez

Manchester United players accused Chelsea staff of provoking the brawl.

Ferdinand lashed out at a brick wall as he walked off the pitch but also made contact with a female steward.

"Unfortunately, a lady was stood by and I accidentally brushed her with my foot. I apologised profusely and went back to make sure she was OK," he said.

"I have arranged for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to her"

"Credit to her, she laughed it off and was very understanding. She said she wasn't hurt."

Striker Carlos Tevez is quoted in the Guardian claiming team-mate Evra was subject to a "grave insult".

"if the FA opens an investigation, we will co-operate and happily give our version of what happened."
Carlos Teves

Now, who start the spark? Do Man United's players totally guilty?

I also have defense for my "client", that's why I study law.

So, don't judge from the Chelsea's fans only because MU's fans also have points. Chelsea's players also not that goods in ethic and moral.




..Being defensive and aggressive when you are losing doesn't do any good, instead it's better to focus for the upcoming event..learn from mistakes for better future.And don't be at denial stage.The faster you accept any failures, the better coping you gonna be.

Accept failure/losing/mistakes is part of journey to success.However,I do understand your frustration...

..seem like you are so defensive! I really think you should be relax and not too rigid...

at one point I am defensive because it is my style but it doesn't mean I cannot accept failure. The problem is anti-MU people seems to totally blame about the spark occurred between MU players and Chelsea staff.

About 1-2 lose to Chelsea, I'm not at a denial stage. I can accept the lose. When it comes to outside conflict, never blame one side because there must other side who cause conflict and that what Chelsea staff did.

The lose is not an issue anymore.

Hi Faizal,

Looks like you're a great fan of MU. Yeah, soccer can be interesting and addicting as well. I was once very much into it.

Anyway, take it easy buddy, let them argue, let us continue with our beautiful life. Afterall, they're paid so much of money while we get nothing, and they don't even recognize us :)
I used to tell this to myself when I got excited in the past :)