Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I should Read Law Book

Lets make thing right. Frankly said, I should spend my time reading law books - most of my time right now because I'm in final examination weeks right now. Last Monday, one paper had been settled down, Asian and Islamic Civilizations and tomorrow will be a paper of Critical Reading and Thinking.

Since I have my own wireless connection, it is quite difficult to put myself in distance with my laptop and my blog. But, I still read books and make a revision. My last paper will be on 8th May 2008 which is a paper of Malaysian Legal System, another hard subject after Law of Contract.

While I wrote this entry,I was reading Constitutional Law because this paper will come this Sunday. I discovered the hardest part in Constitutional that I learn is a part regarding the application of Habeas Corpus, and I might not explain what is Habeas Corpus in this entry. If you are intended to know about it, just Google it okay.

So, I need to continue with this Constitutional Law, but the Internet will still on. :)



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...yeah rite!you should...but just prioritise your time.

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