Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Iron Man is a Hero. Is it?

Faces is asking "what if I meet Tony Stark?", "How would the encounter be?", and "What will happen?". Advertlets is cooperating with Faces also asking the same questions too. Everyone who loves Marvels comics and loves Iron Man knows, Tony Stark is an Iron Man, so what so great about that guy? Yeah, people know he fights crime with his great suit armor with technological devices.

I must be so surprise and shock if I unexpectedly meet this Iron guy and he appears while I am walking along one of dark street in the dark city, but I don't really imagine this Iron guy as a good man. Yeah, the encounter occur at one night while I'm walking home from meeting few friend at coffee shop. I decided to take this dark street with intention to gain some peace for my mind when few culprits stop me and asking for my money and properties.

I'm a man and of course I will not just scream "help" and "help". While I try to escape myself and suddenly this Iron Man appears, kick the culprits' a*s and as I said before, I don't really imagine this Iron guy as a good man. You know what, he is threating me and asking for more money than those culprits. So, what will happen? I'm changing to Platinum Man and fight the Iron Man until the end of my life because there only one hero can exist. Iron Man or "Platinum Man"!!!

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my guy and I can't wait to watch this movie!

Hi soreal. It must be a good movie, I also can't wait to watch it.