Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is it First Impression is Really Important in All Circumstances?

Base on my very own observation, people always assume that first impression is a vital thing. However, I would like to arise one issue here, whether first impression is really important in all circumstances? Let say, you might observe one guy for the first time and your impression, this guy is a "C" type guy. (Letter "C" is just a kind of example). Then, you started to make friend with this, after a few months or maybe only after a few week, you found that the guy is not equilibrium with your first impression. - Do you ever experience that kind of situation?

Simply said, your first impression toward other person is "that guy is a kind-hearted guy". But then, after a period of time, the guy is not as kind-hearted as you think at the first place. Don't judge a book by it cover, so we just can also say, don't judge people by your first impression. People, who seem bad, might be a kind people and vice versa.

However, I can't simply say that first impression is not applicable at all. First impression is still needed in certain circumstances especially when you walk into interview or when you dealing in business matter. If you fail to show good impression in the interview, chances to get the particular job will lessen, but when you want to make new friend, don't put first impression as priority because people will find out later the real part of you even though at the first place you don't really seem as you are in other people's eyes.

So, I conclude, the first impression is not really important in all circumstances. It is only applicable in certain circumstances as I stated above.

So, don't judge people to early especially when you are having intention to make new friends.



hi Faizal,
I agree with, first impression is not really important in all circumstances...

I totally agree about 1st impressions however they are usually what most people judge you on. Especially for a job interview. Now as far as friendships, 1st impressions are always a there but a true friend will look past that to see what more a person has to offer. I am a friendly sort and look for that in return, I am a leader and usually attract followers, I am a family person and like to attract others on the same level, however finding these people can be a challenge...

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I like your blog and its subjects...have fun as blogging is addicting... :)

Hello Martini. Maybe I can say most people will agree because for really, that is what first impression because I believe most people had experienced it.

hello dabooklady. Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. Yeah. first impression is to important when it come to apply for job. But in relationship, don't rely to much on first impression. Anyway, thanks again.

I don't think first impressions should count but unfortunately it does and it's the reality of life.

Great weekend to you.

yeah, don't rely too much at the first impression,but in certain circumstance, it could help. I think
I've talked about this issue in my blog...I don't remember which one...hey dude,komen la saya ek kalo drop by...hehe

Hey Faizal! First impressions are important, but like u said...don't judge a person too quickly.

Have a great weekend! :)

Hey Matt. Thanks for visiting.

Hey Nick. Yeah, that one, I agree. It shouldn't be counted but the reality, first impression always on the first place.

hey dude, VDS.. yeah, can rely but don't rely too much.

Ya Mariuca, for real, nobody can deny how important first impression is. I can't deny the important of first impression, but yeah, don't judge people to quickly.