Friday, April 11, 2008

Life, Water and Some Memories

Life sometime so beautiful which makes you feel that you want to live forever ever after but for real, life is not so beautiful when it comes dealing with problems, bad authorities, annoying people, and etc. But, that's how we live our life. I can say life is meaningless without problems, troubles and a little bit pressure from other parties. If you live in the most comfortable situation without dealing with any problems, you better commit suicide but only stupid problematic people who not able to face those problems commit suicide.

Water also has to go through those rocks in order for it to flow heading to its destination. The picture was taken by one of my friends. It is a place we know and a place we love, where sometimes we are gathering here, having fun and remembering the old sweet memories when we were in the high schools. Life like that, like the water, even there are a lot of rocks, but water keeps moving and we did and still doing it.

Life, sometimes not beautiful but life never s*ck because even you say life s*ck, do you think you ready for the death? So live you life until the highest quality you can and deal with problems as wise as you can.

Life, water and some memories - an early entry of my Friday morning. :)



hi.. thanks for dropping at my blog ya.. feel free to come again :D

I was just blog hopping and since you came by my site last week I decided to stop by yours.I am so glad I did. I just loved what you were saying with this post. A friend of mine is going through hard times and I think if I tell her what you wrote it might help her.

Have a Great weekend and God Bless:-)

Hello zhoe wynz. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to see ya here.

Hi Sindi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate your present. I hope this post can help your friend. Life is not that easy but life not suck.

Hi thank you for the visit to my site... Your site is very nice... take care and good day to you....


Your post today is most interesting. It's also nice to see you may have helped someone with your words.

I enjoy my visits here, as I am constsnatly surprised by your posts.

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As always, well worth the visit to your blog.

As always, interesting words from you.

My other blog is "ramsey daily photo".

Always like a visit to your blog and so nice to see you have helped someone with your words today.

Hi JK. Your welcome. Also my thanks for you for visiting my blog. Have a nice day.

Hi Babooshka. It so nice for always see you here. Yeah, I'm also not going an easy life, but it worth to help people if I'm able to do so. Have a nice day babooshka.

Hi thank you for comming back... your blog looks very nice... Hope you get it going and turn it into what you want...

At the end of the day, life is beautiful! Great pic choice Faizal! :)

Hi Marzie.Thanks for the visit. Yeah, if we make it in the right way, at the end, life is beautiful. I'm wondering, some people choose to end the life in the worse way. Yeah, the picture was taken by my friend. He is quite good in taking picture.