Saturday, April 5, 2008

Malaysian Cube's Forum

Malaysian Cubers as far as I know few of them (involving myself), we are in effort of popularizing Rubik's Cube in Malaysia. We are not sure the exact number of Malaysians who really play Rubik's Cube but we still start to do something in order to make this game popular in Malaysia.

One of the thing we had done is having our own Malaysian Cube's Forum. To get any news or information regarding Malaysian Rubik's scene, you are invited to this forum. Thanks so much.



Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I remember having a rubik cube when I was a kid.

hi, Faizal.nice to meet u here. thanks for dropping by. can i add u to my blogroll? hoping u do so, ok?

Morning Faizal! I have a tag for u, enjoy! :)

Hi tammy. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. You know, there are a few places around the world where there are a professional players of rubik's cube. They are freaking people with freaking speed of solving the rubik's cube. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Have nice day

Hi Hazel. Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog. Yeah, i really appreciate if you add me to your blogroll and of course I will add you to my blogging's links.

Have a nice day.

Hi Mariuca. Thanks for the tag. I had seen that love tag. Nice. Will do it soon. Didnt get much time now. Preparing for the coming law test.

yet,.. i found another cuber
in Malaysia... you are one of THEM..
sorry cause i don't have a google blog ID or whatever... i give my myspace url...
hmm.. hey.. nice blog u have here...
i'm not sure if i'm a cuber...
but i play this puzzle and recorded
my fastest time... i'm not a pro.. YET..

well... nice to read ur blog..

Hey Faizal.. found your blog when i was googling ''.. anyway, great to have you there..

jus drop by to inform you that we are the growing community, you can reach to us at

Website: (we have forum and blog there too)

Facebook :