Thursday, April 17, 2008

My BIG THANKS to the First Three

As this blog is quite a new blog and I intentionally to make it so commercial on the net, I really want to express my BIG THANKS and GRATEFUL to the first three who are just joining My Blog Log Community of this blog.

The three persons are;
1. Bob Will
2. Imaginary Diva
3. Mariuca

Again, my BIG THANKS and GRATEFUL for these three persons.

So, for those who just reached or accidentally arrived on this blog, I really appreciate your present here. I will more appreciate your present here, If you leave your comments here or joining My Blog Log Community, and don't forget to leave your URL, so I can track your blogs or websites.




Hi Faizal. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's always a pleasure to meet new and interesting people.

I see that you love Rubik's Cube. That's nice. To tell you the truth I have never figured out how to complete all the colors of the cube. I could only do one at a time.:)

Hi...thanks for stopping by. I'm here too paying u a visit. See ya!

Greetings and Salamz..

I've added you in my link.Hope to see you around.Take care Faizal.

Have a gr8 weekend yea.

hey faizal.
thank you for dropping by my blog i do so appreciate it so much!..... keep blogging!...have a great day...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the linky love Faizal and don't worry, soon ul have lotsa members! :)

Hello Rachel. Thanks a lot for the visit. Yeah, I love Rubik's Cube so much and have been played it since 2006. To solve Rubiks, you have to learn, there are a lot of tutorials and videos on the net. Just search it and learn. Anyway Rachel, thanks again

Hi pinyasmile. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around again.

Hey Joy. Thanks for the visit.

Hi Nouhsy. Thanks a lot for adding me. Really appreciate it, and thanks for the visit again. I've added your blog to my link too. Thanks again.

Have a nice day day and great weekend.

Hey Gbex. Thanks for the visit too. Really appreciate it. Have a nice day too.

Hi Mariuca. Nice to see you again and great to get your comment again. Yeah, I know, as this blog is a new one, it must take time to really attract others to join the community and to always visit and read entries in this blog. Thanks again.