Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not Much Improvement

Sometimes, I felt so disappointed with the performance of this blog because there is not much improvement especially the Google Page Rank but I think this blog quite did well in Technorati's rank but a good Technorati's rank and authority is not enough if it does not have a good rank of Google Page Rank.

Yeah, this is a new blog - 4 month blog. Even though this blog was actually opened in August 2007 but I only posted seven entries in 2007. As I do paid review, so I really need a good Google Page Rank because advertisers prefer blogs with higher Google Page Rank instead the blog like mine. So, if any people out there has an opinion or fact on how to drastically increase the Google Page Rank, please tell me by leaving your comment or if you wrote about it on your blog, please leave me the exact URL. Thanks.



I'm here! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog! Yours looks good....don't give up!

Hi Julie. Thanks for visiting, really appreciate it.

Hi Faizal,

Don't give up. I have linked you in a a post last night and have recommended your blog. Check your tecHnorati. You should have an authority from me.

Put more tags on your labels. Put man utd on every label for every post. Other words, blogs, technorati, blogger.

Good luck.