Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nothing To Write

Nothing to write this time, but still want to put something here for the date of 2nd April 2008. I'm not feeling well, having cough since last three days. Also having flu and headache. I'm worry if my blood pressure is going high again.

Glory glory Man United, the great victory over Roma away from very own home - Old Trafford - 2-0 - Ronaldo and Rooney. Very nice goal by Ronaldo, very unpredictable.

Got test at 230pm - 330pm. Malaysian Legal System. 3 questions and answer all. All 30 marks. Difficult. Disappointed.

The application for state's loan didn't settle yet.

The deal with Astro about the idea of Rubiks Cube program on Astro, still, no response from Astro. I'm hoping the positive response, but if Astro rejects it, it's okay.

Today, I'm wondering whether having a nice body shape for man i.e - six packs stomach, is important.

The mind stuck, the heart worry, but the lines still here.