Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recommended Blog To Be Visited

Howdy everybody, bloggers, readers and internet surfers no matter you are using IE, Firefox, Opera or whatever browsers exist in this world. Bloggers support other bloggers, that how bloggers keep blogging, plus with the support from readers and surfers. This time, I want to share with you, one simple but nice blog I just found this morning (around 8 am, Kuala Lumpur's time). - the blog which I can categorize it as general blog where the author is posting the entries on any topic the author prefers. I was attracted to one post on Machinbidule where the author put a few pictures of creative advertising on buses. One use which the picture of shark on it, is the most interesting picture. As for as I concern the owner of Machinbidule is a kind of graphic designer, and maybe thats make the blog looks simple but nice with a kind of blue banner at the top of the blog.

You should try pay a visit to this blog and see if you can gain something which the author intentionally to share.



Hi just stopped to pay a visit...