Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smooth Smorty dot Com

I found it and I just joined it., get paid for blogging. My blog had been accepted after few days I signed up for Smorty. Smorty creates relationship between the advertisers and bloggers which all parties gain the benefits from Smorty. Advertisers will be able to buzz their businesses and bloggers get paid for blogging for those things they like or just making some review or just saying some opinions.

Especially for bloggers, to get paid for blogging using Smorty, rules are the most vital elements. Once you ignore the rules, you might be banned forever from Smorty Networking. It is no necessary the great opinion to buzz the advertisers' businesses - you might give any kind of opinion as long as the opinions didn't cause the advertisers' business to the death. Advertisers need links to their websites from your blogs, so just give them those links - that's the reason they want to pay bloggers to review or give opinion about their businesses, so everybody else will alert and aware of their existence.

So, let try to blog for money. You will no longer wasting your time because you get paid for blogging. Nice huh??



This sounds interesting.
You will have to keep your readers inform how it goes.

You might want to check out this blog, my partners called BARKER BITES BACK, you can find it on my links.

he's drawn a cartoon of Wayne Rooney.
By the way my partner is an Everton fan.