Sunday, April 20, 2008

They Didn't Look So Good

What happened at Ewood Park was not acceptable especially to myself, but thanks to Carlos Teves for his last minute equalizer which rescued the Red Devil at Ewood Park. This situation makes Manchester United didn't look so good because they must win over Chelsea next week at Stamford Bridge.
Blackburn lead the game as early as 21st minute of the game through Roque Santa Cruz. Even though Manchester had few opportunities to score, but all the opportunities were wasted until 88th minute when Carlos Teves headed the ball after Paul Scholes had flicked on a corner from Nani.

I can't write to long because I am expecting the Red Devil to win.

Read ESPNsoccernet's Report.

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Hi Faizal...dropping by to say hi...thanks fo visiting my blog...really appreciated it...plz come again...and just leave your comments at the chatbox or 'recent comments'... :-)

hmm...saya dah agak dah..mesti susah punyer nak lega jgk ar tevez
dpt golkan jgk..
kalo x...

Greeetings Faizal..and salamz, matter how skilful the team is,a lil luck would be great,and yesterday wasn't the day even Man Utd has many chances! Not the game/results that even I expected.Lucky enough not to lose:)

Nonetheless,even with Chelsea winning at S/Bridge,this year premiership is a promising to the Reds if win the remaining games and should also Chelsea win all,it just a matter of points and goal differences.Not the good one surely, but Reds has that advantages.Be grateful.:)

Afternoon Faizal, hope ur Monday isn't as wet and gloomy as mine here! Have a good one! :)

Hi Agriani. Thanks for visiting.

Hey VDS. Yeah, not so easy.

Hi Noushy. Fair play on 26th April. Good luck.

Quite gloomy Marzie because today is the first paper of my final exam

I think you are a very loyal supporter.