Friday, April 25, 2008

Top and Bottom

To be very successful, is the thing that all people in the world want to. But, to be very successful, a person must go trough the hard, difficult way and full with pain, disappointment and frustration. And when a person becomes successful, it doesn't mean, that person will be always at the top level and it doesn't mean the person will always do a great thing and show the best performance in whatever the person did.

In life, a person, sometimes at the top spot and when the time comes, a person must ready to be at the bottom, receive the pain and frustration with open heart and start to climb to the top again. Then, when a person at the top again, a person must ready for the time when a person will be at the bottom again. That's how life works. A person cannot be happy all the time, because life is useless if a person never feel the pain and sadness in life.

I am analyzing my own life, and in my very personal opinion, the above situation is very applicable in human's life. A person will always look at the other people at the top to encourage a person to be successful but remember, never forget to look at other people who is not so lucky and those people who have to suffer in life.

Failure teaches people to be a better a person, failure encourages people to work hard. Never give up because as long as we live, there are chances for us to change our life, but don't expect life will be so beautiful for every second. Life not suck, but it doesn't always beautiful.

And love, we need love in life, failure in love not the end of life. Love has to be experienced and experience makes love sweeter and sweeter.

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hi Faizal, I have a tag for you, Worldwide Link Love Tag :)

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Nice posting about our journey of life. Life is not bed of roses all the time...The starting point of all achievement is desire.Keep this constantly in mind.

Weak desire brings weak results,just as a small amount of firemakes a small amount of heat!!

Love not only to be experienced but in order to make it healthy one has to work for it, since healthy relationships need effort to grow:)

Have a nice weekend!

Hi Nousyh. Thanks for sharing nice opinion. Life is nice, never waste it.