Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When Two Kung Fu Masters in One Movie

What do you expect watching two kungfu masters in one movie? More incredible and unpredictable actions which will pump up the beat of audiences' hearts, and The Forbidden Kingdom will bring you Jet Li and Jackie Chan together to impress audiences and movie's addicts in The Forbidden Kingdom.

Both kungfu masters are well known and people know how they work and how they act, no regret to watch them and trust me, The Forbidden Kingdom is worth to be in your movie's wish list. Different style of fighting, appearance and characteristics from both kungfu masters will vary the action in The Forbidden Kingdom and that's will make The Forbidden Kingdom one of wish list movie.

I think people from Faces and Advertlets might love this movie too. I hope so. Just one better word to describe the collaboration between Jet Li and Jackie Chan in The Forbidden Kingdom - GREATEST.



Both are not my favourite actors and not my cup of tea...nonetheless, must be amazing for them to be in the same movie.

Thanks for sharing Faizal.

Have a good day! I noticed your posting at 4am or perhaps you scheduled it using blogger draft?

Hi Noushy. Yeah, its okay but I like both of them because the are real kungfu people.

Ya Noushy, I was actually blogging at 4.00am.

The reason is here

this is definitely a "must watch" movie, hehe...

Yeah Martini.. Must is must. LOL

I saw this movie with my hubby this weekend and really enjoyed it! After all, how can you go wrong with Jackie Chan and Jet Li?

Hey Julie, I will watch it soon. But what do you mean by I'm going wrong with Jackie Chan and Jet Li?

Let me rephrase.....They are so good, you can't go wrong with Jackie Chan and Jet Li! I meant the statement in the earlier comment as a compliment....apparently it just didn't come out right....Sorry for the confusion!

Hey Julie. LOL. :) now I'm understanding. Yeah, I could say, the earlier part is quite revoking, but for real, I like both of them so much because I like kung fu. :) it's okay with the confusion. Nice to see you again.