Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Wigan Not Defeated

What a shame!!! Chelsea should embarrass because they failed to take advantage over weaker opponent - Wigan - when the match between Chelsea and Wigan ended with 1-1. The consequence is simple - better way for Manchester United heading for EPL's title.

Chelsea took a lead with 1-0 in 55th minute with Michael Essien's goal but Emile Heskey equalized in the added time, and both sides brought 1 point respectively. Chelsea now 5 points behind the leader, Manchester United, and that is the great news for Sir Alex Ferguson and his players.

However, Avram Grant still believes his team is still in race with Manchester United to grab the EPL's title. Chelsea will meet Manchester United on 26th April 2008, and the match will be another most crucial match for both teams. Personally I can see the Chelsea's spirit, and for Manchester United, they never underestimate Chelsea and scoring more goals is vital for Manchester United this 26th April.

Read ESPNsoccernet's Report.

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Emm look like we are rivals!!

Well..being the loyal supporter of blue since a long time I must say that Silly Avram must be kicked asap..for whatever achievement for the Blues presently,credits to the boys...despite the internal problems especially with the constantly pressure on changing of management,remains 2nd place in the premiership and top 4 teams in Europe is pretty amazing!!

CU in SB!

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Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, we are rivals. LOL. I think chelsea made such mistake because they should win against wigan. Just my good luck wish for chelsea to win over liverpool in champions league semi final.

I hope so..but you know,those Scousers are so different when they play in Champ League,nevertheless,thanks for the wish..,we do need a lil bit of 'lady luck' at times:)

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Yeah, for record, Liverpool has a great reputation at European stage. Yeah, please add me, really appreciate your visit here. :).

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