Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah, the 100th Entry with Mix of Feelings!

Finally, I reached my 100th entry on this very beloved blog which belong to me - The Mind The Heart The Line - where the share of knowledge, thoughts and feelings come to life. This blog started in August 2007, but at that time I was not so interested to blog in serious manner. Then, started from January 2008, I don't know from where the spirit came, I suddenly blogging and I wrote something on this blog almost everyday - I love it so much.

This 100th entry is fulfilled with the mix of feelings. Exciting, happiness and sadness. Yeah, I'm so exciting because finally I reached the 100th entry of this blog on 7th April 2008 - actually the date has no meaning to me. I'm happy because on this evening before this 100th post is written, I got the result for my Arabic mid term test - more than 90%. I feel sad because yesterday, Manchester United was unable to win over Middlesbrough, the game ended with 2-2. Thanks to Rooney for the equalizer. Red Devil almost lost at Riverside Stadium.

Again, I'm so glad for reaching my 100th entry. Thanks so much for those who quite frequently visited this blog especially to Babooshka (Purple Haze), VDS (Bena Expectorant), Mariuca (Wishing On A Falling Star), and Nick Phillips (Anything Goes). Also, thanks to other readers, bloggers and surfers.



Congratulations to your 100th entry, many, many more and best of luck to you... nice site... take care and blessings to you...

Salam Kerd,

Am dropping by.Done with my projek pementasan pelajar which was a very eye opening moment,both for them and for our faculty.Now those superiors up there know the importance of having art and literature elements in enriching the students.Recently our newly appointed dean (orang sains,konon!) has asked our pusat sumber to stop subscribing mags from Dewan.Apa barang!He even asked if those stuffs are really essential to the students.

Hello!We have bahasa and sastera Melayu teachers-in-training in our very own faculty.Habis nak melanggan majalah apa?Mangga?Betik?

Hi there Faizal :)

Congrats on your 100th post... and your Arabic Mid term test as well.. Well done!

Hola Faizal! Congrats on achieving your 100th post!! I remember being very excited when I reached my hundredth post lolz... Enjoy this day and hope to see ur 200th post soon! :):):)

fuyoo..power la bro ni...
dah 100 post...byk tu...
saya pon jenuh ar nak wat...

Big congratulations on your 100th post, and your excellent exam result. A for the football,it could be worse you could be a a West Bromwich Albion supporter.

How quickly can you copmlete a standard rubik's cube?

hey LYN.
Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks too for the wish. As long as I can, I will keep blogging :)

salam KAK RAI. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I'm sure you are so busy right now with those works as tutor at UPM. Wish you all the best and you should fight the new dean for the sake of majalah Dewan.

hey HAZEL.
Thanks for visiting

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks a lot for the wish too.

Thanks for the visit. Yeah, I so excited for reaching my 100th entry. :)All right, I will make sure my visitors especially you Mariuca will see my 200th entry. :)

Hey my dude VDS.
Yeah, finally I reached it. Thanks for the wish. VDS, hope you will be always visiting my blog. Have a nice dude.

Hi Babooshka.
Thanks for being here again. I don't know the players of Bromwich. But I belive, the next match, Man Utd will do better for the sake of EPL's title.