Friday, May 9, 2008

1st May and 11th May

Tomorrow 11th May gonna be the Mother's Day and I will never forget my mum. So I bought a gift for her. A glass which the word "MUM" written on it. I hope she will like it because this is the first time I bought a gift for my mum on Mother's Day. I actually don't really know what my mum really want if I want to give her a gift. I cannot afford some kind of gold or pure silver necklace or ring for her, so I hope the "glass" is ok.

And 1st May recently was actually the date of my younger sister's birthday but I was not able to wish her happy birthday because she is studying in one of the Malaysian best boarding school and the students there are not allowed to bring hand phones. I have admit that she is kind a clever and intelligent girl and my parents really hope she will go to the best local university after her SPM or if she is going so great, my parents hope she will go to the oversea to further her study and become the doctor.

The point here is about her birthday, so few days ago I decided to buy her a gift. I am not so good of buying gift for people actually, but luckily my girlfriend was helping me to buy one for my sister. Yeah, Winnie the Pooh where can be used to put or keep something inside it. I will give it to her when she comes back for school holiday and she can use that Winnie to keep some of her stuff.

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Belated Birthday for my sister. (even I know she does not read my blog).



Awwww baiknye Faizal! I'm sure your mom and sis will love the pressies. Good thing u had ur GF to help u out with the gift shopping! :)

Yeah Marzie.
I have to learn to buy gift for people. Luckily my GF was helping. Thanks to her, she is always helping me.

I'm sure you're mum will love the gift too.

I'm a huge Winnie the Pooh fan!

so sweet, you are so thoughtful :)