Wednesday, May 28, 2008

28th May

Today is 28th May 2008. So what's so good about 28th May? It just good because 28th May is the date I was born to the world and the date which I started to see the world. 22 years - the period of my life so far - a lot of things I have learned and there are still a lot of things I have to learn and I am telling myself to never stop to learn because knowledge have no end. More you learn, more things you didn't know.

22 years - I know what is the life. I learn to live my live. I stored so much memories, the sweet and the pain. I know a lot of people, I make a lot a friends but I only make few best friends. I experienced to have few girlfriends and now I have a steady one, thanks to her to be so patient with me and so understand.

22 years - the most important thing, I learn to love my parents and my family so much. I learn to do the best for my parents and my family even though sometimes I know I need to hurt them because I need to do so, but then I asked for forgiveness. I learn to appreciate my parents and my family because they are the closest people in my life. Without them, I might not see this world until the moment I wrote this entry.

22 years - I learn that live sometimes so unpredictable but never give up because failure makes people stronger but a person must learn from the failure to improve his/herself. 22 years, I learn and I will keep learn.

So, I am wishing myself HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

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Woww... 22 years old.. So very young still laa.. :P Now I'm starting to feel old. But age is just a number right? Well, hope u have a great birthday dude! Have a great life! :D

dah 22 tahun ek...
perjalanan masih jauh lagi...
(huhu..aku ni bile la plak nak jadi 18 ni...)

Happy birthday to you my friend... all the best and hopefully you have a gr8 time...

Learning is an ongoing process..thus, sky is the limits!

Happy birthday 2U.

Aw, a big happy birthday to you Faizal! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday Faizal!!!!! Alamak, I takde gift for you... so I add you to my blogroll as your prezzie k? Hehe

Hope you enjoyed yourself and had tons of fun. :)

Happy Birthday Faizal!!!! Hope u had a blast celebrating with ur girl and ur family! :):):)

And I tagged u, so have fun!

Happy birthday Faizal!!! Make a wish for every candle on your cake ;-)


Thanks for the wish and thanks for dropping by my blog. Yeah, age is just a number. But sometimes, I feel old too. LOL. Thanks again SYURA

Hey dude VDS.

Thanks for the wish. Yeah, perjalanan masih jauh. Banyak lagi perkara yang perlu dipelajari.


:) Thanks for wish. Yerp, learning is ongoing process and we should not stop to learn.

I hope everyday is a great day and time for all of us.


Thanks for the wish. Great day is all for us. :)


Thanks for the wish and the gift. You added me to your blogroll, it is a great prize for me.


Thanks for the wish. Yeah, my parents bought me a cake. Thanks for the tag too Marzie.


Thanks for the wish. Hope every wish come true. :)

Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Ah young man...Sorry for being so late. I'm sure you had a nice b-day. And I wish you the best for your next 365 - 5 days!