Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 to go

I have three more final examination papers to. Frankly said, this first term of final examination doesn't seem too good because I really didn't do so well in last two law papers. I have two more law papers - law of tort and malaysian legal system and one language paper which is Arabic.

Law of tort 0n 3rd may

Arabic on 6th may

Malaysian legal system on 8th may

and I'm going home on 10th may.

Wish me luck for three more papers.

Three more papers to go.

Not good, really not good.



I'm hisyam, a college student.
Frankly to say, I really enjoyed your blog.

Hoping that we can become friends.
If you can, please visit my blog and comment on my works. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

just look forward to the other 3 exams, don't look at the back, I am sure you will have more confident for them.
cheers n good luck...