Saturday, May 3, 2008


Now, anyone want to say anything?? To the haters of Red Devils, especially for those on side of Arsenal and Liverpool, keep your mouth shut because this season, you don't even have any title to be proud of. Forget about Ronaldo missed the penalty during the first leg against Barcelona because the Red Devils already on final. Credit for Chelsea for their first time in Champion League Final, congrats. But, Arsenal's and Liverpool's supporters, please remain silent.

Played with ten men, not a big deal for the Red Devils because Ronaldo got the early goal for the Red Devils. Thanks again to Ronaldo for his second goal of the match on 24th minute. Carlos Teves didn't take too long for the Red Devil's third goal of the game against West Ham. Carrick gave fourth goal to the team. Nice job dudes.

So, do the Red Devils seem like the champs? Admit it even if you can accept the reality.

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Hi Faizal! Congrats to MU, you must be ecstatic. All the best to ur team. My hubby was disappointed when Liverpool lost he he, kesian. ;)

Thought you mght be happy. W.B.A. hopefully will be promoted tomorrow.

Yes the photo the Isle Of Man.

My other blog Ramsey Daly Photo has lots more images. In fact have the cones in todays photo.

Yeah, thanks, It feels so good to see the favorite team to be the champ. Have a nice day okay.

Good for WBA. Playing at better league might improve team's performance.

Its really a nice photo of Isle of Man. Love it.

Think you're gonna win the league. Maybe champs league too. Don't want Hull to get promoted, they'll be really bad and embarass themselves more than Derby this year or my hometown team a few seasons ago! WBA are ok.
Anyway, good luck to ManU even though I support their biggest rivals lol!
Ciao x

sorry for not visiting your blog for a long time...anyway, man utd is going to win the trophy, right? No doubt of it!

I'm not a footie fan so I don't know what went on or what will go on, but good luck to ur selected team! :)

So it' still no tdecided who wins. Ver vlose this year. You did see that WBA did though, Yes I am very pleased.

I'm an Arsenal fan but MU deserves to win the title. Here's wishing them all the best in both the Champions league final and the final game of the premier league.

Hey Faizal, I got a tag for you!