Thursday, May 15, 2008


Finally, I decided to change the face of my blog. From the mixing of colors of black, yellow and red to black, blue and a little bit red. From two columns to three columns. This is not the great template but I think it quite nice because I can't run from the color of black. I really need it as a main color. I tried before to have a white as a background but I don't really like it. Erm, I will change the banner later because need time to create it. So for a while, I will let that banner with the word "HOT" remains there.

I am not sure if the arrangement I made for all the stuff on my blog is okay, but I think it is quite nice. I haven't access at my parents home so just spent a lot of time at cyber cafe to make those changes. I want to thanks to those people who keep visiting my blog - Marzie, Noushy, Babooshka, my dude - Van Der Shraaf, Martini and others. Can't remember each and everyone.

I still have a lot of things to do with this blog. Even though, there will always an improvement of Technorati's authority but this blog still did not have Google Page Rank yet. Plus, the Alexa's rank is also not so good. Besides that, the average visitors per day too little. Arghhh, really need work hard for this blog.

So, if anybody has any great idea on how to inrease the traffic and to immediately gain Google Page Rank, please share the info with me. Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day fellas.



Hi Faizal, I kinda like this new design actually. Looks more professional! :)

Also, why don't u get yourself an Entrecard for more traffic? :)

PS. And thanks for the linky love!

Hi Marzie. Its my pleasure that you like this design. Now, I am in effort to put the banner. :)

yeah, nice arrangement, it looked neat!