Friday, May 9, 2008

The End of First Semester

Finally, the final examination of first semester was over after the last paper yesterday morning. The paper of Malaysian Legal System which is one of the killer subjects. It was not so easy because question number one in Section A was so unexpected - the question asked about the present function of Dewan Keadilan Undang-Undang in Negeri Sembilan.

Luckily, the Section B was asking questions that I almost know the answer even though I couldn't answer those questions perfectly. The questions about "rules" of statutory interpretation, the methods to control subsidiary legislation and the Islamic Law.

Section C was quite hard - asking about the jurisdiction of Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Courts, Session Courts and Magistrate Courts. Woo.. there are a lot of jurisdiction to remember but I tried to answer as best as I can - just hope I pass the paper and other six papers. I am not expecting to get great grade, passing all the papers is okay because I realize that I not well prepared for that final examination. Some changes must be made in the next semester.

But, I glad the final examination was over. I want to go back to the hometown and try to have some nice and beneficial holiday.

Wish me luck because waiting for the result to come out is a kind of horrible thing too.



Hey thanks for visiting my new-born blog...I feel kind of bad because I just don't have a lot to show. And...Who's interested in my boring life anyway??

Being an undergraduate student is so much fun, especially the first 2 years. Good luck with the result! I'm still in the painful process of writing papers and doing projects until the end of this month. And the nightmare actually won't end until September...if things go right...

Anyway, I've nominated you for a meme at my blog. Hope you'll spare some time to complete it (since your exam was over..!)


Selamat balik kampung Faizal! And I hope ul pass with flying colours, you did do a lot of studying for the exam, so insyallah you'll be okay! :)

Thanks Marzie for both wishes. The "balik kampung wish" and the exam wish. It gonna be so horrible waiting for the result.LOL