Monday, May 12, 2008

Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Ryan Giggs

Finally, the season is ours. Alex Ferguson's 10th Barclays Premier League. Nice job had been done by the top scorer, Ronaldo and the great veteran player, Ryan Giggs. Thanks to Rooney to be tackled which gave penalty to the Red Devils and thanks again to Rooney for the nice through ball to Giggs. At the end of this season, how much MU-haters hate MU, we still the champ.

Following is the part of interview with Sir Alex as I received in my email inbox, the MU's newsletter.

Was this the toughest title race so far?
“It was a tough one all right and being away from home made it more difficult. In fairness for most of the game we played well. There were some nervous moments and then the rain came, anything can happen on a rainy surface. Just after half-time we started to get a grip of it. We missed a few chances and the goalkeeper made some great saves. I was saying to myself, “please give us that second goal.” Of course, my oldest player, ten medals today, gets it – Ryan Giggs. Fantastic."

How does it feel to have won 10 titles?
"Fantastic. I’m very proud. Proud to have survived for so long. It’s a great club and it’s much easier for me than it is for anyone else. How would I do without this? Tell me."

How nervous were you when Chelsea went 1-0 up?
“There was a guy behind us who kept telling us it was 2-0 to Chelsea after one minute. You’ve got to try and dismiss all the stuff round about you, forget what was happening at Chelsea and concentrate on our own game. I think we did that."

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog :). Your blog is interesting. Like you, my husband is a rubik's cube fanatic.

Man utd is the ultimate football team!
No doubt of that...
Perhaps Avram Grant has rose the white flag earlier from his word that Chelsea and Man Utd should play in play-off...

I also get man utd newsletter in my email, just like you...

Yeah, we are the proud supporters of Man United dude

well I am fuming over the fact that we were... ahem... 11 points off the title this year. As much as I hate MU, I hate Chelsea more (don't get offended love!) So, I'm rooting for you next week in the Champs League final. Thrash 'em 66-0 pleeeasseee!!!

Yeah Jamjar, you should hate Chelsea more than MU. :). Yeah, all proud supporters of MU hope we will win this 21st May