Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remembering Scissor Hands

Yesterday, suddenly I remembered one movie I watched when I was kid and honestly said I really love that movie. I hope it will appear on television again. Movie made in 1990 and at that time it might be considered as one of the unique movie ever created and appeared on television. The movie about science, life, and love. The movie about the life does not always beautiful. The movie about how people change their perception because the weaknesses we have.

The movie called "Edward the Scissor Hand" directed by Tim Burton and written by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson. The story about Edward, the invention which is near-complete person, but unfortunately his inventor died before he could complete only one last part of Edward - Edward's hands.

Edward lived alone after his inventor died until one lady named Peg found him and brought him back to her house. A lot of things happened to Edward while staying with Peg. I can't really remember every plot of the movie but one funny part that I remember, when Edward accidentally touched a kind of bed that containing water ( I don't know what people called it) with his scissor hands and then water went out from the bed or maybe I can called water mattress and he made a kind of guilty face. :)

And there were love and life plots here and there that never been bored. For those fellas who never watched this movie, you should watch it and for those who had watched it like myself, I think we should rewatch it. :)

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Hey, My Mama watched this movit when she was in her teens. She liked it but found it quite scary,just the way he looks it's spoooky! Very nice blog, can u please tell me what the MEME prize is? I also read Mariuca's and My Mom is a big fan of hers too. bye!

Actually, I haven't seen this film. But I really like Johnny Depp since the roles he plays are always very unique!


Hey Sushi. MEME prizes? It depends on the prizes that bloggers want to give for MEME. You should watch Edward too.

Hey Nic. Watch it and then you will know how good it is.