Friday, May 23, 2008

Ronaldo, Van de Sar and the Final

This post should be written immediately after the penalty kick is over but because I had another thing to do, this post had be delayed for two days. It feels so good to see your favorite team won actually three cups this season. Charity Cup at the beginning of the season, the Barclays Premier League Cup and Champions League Cup. The Red Devils proved they are they greatest locally and the stage of Europe.

It was a dramatic winning day for Man United. After Ronaldo scored the first goal in the middle of the first half, all Man United's supporters were afraid if the equalizer came from the Blues and the afraid was reasonable when Lampard at the end of first half equalized with 'Lady Luck' on his side. However, big credit should be given to Scholes and Brown for their one-two passing action at the edge of the field and bigger credit to Brown for his nice pretty beautiful cross to reach Ronaldo's head for the Red Devil to lead the game.

No goal in the second half and no goal during the extra time. So, penalty determined the winner.

It so disappointed when Ronaldo didn't score the penalty but biggest thanks to Terry for missing the penalty. More biggest thanks to Giggs for last penalty and more more more biggest credit and thanks to Edwin van der Sar for saving Anelka's shot and he is the true hero of Man United.

Manchester United is the only English Club won the cups. No cup for Arsenal, no cup for Liverpool and no cup for CHELSEA.

What's a great game.

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Congrats to MU! I'm sure nobody felt worse than Rolando that night for missing out on that penalty yeah? But anyway, they won in the end! :)

Yeah, he cried after Van de Sar saved Anelka's penalty kick. Its ok, the important thing, MU won the cup.

Glory Glory Man Utd! It was a heart thumping moment! My heart beating was faster than a F1 race car. If you read my post here :

You surely know I'm not just a fan but die hard fan! Me and my friends even booked suite hotel room at Northam for this match.

Now we are counting days for EURO. I'm big fan of Portugal! Ok fine, I like Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro but that does not mean I follow him where ever he goes! He might end up in Real Madrid but I won't change team. That is for sure. My team will always be Man Utd and for country... they are Brasil and Portugal :)

Again... glory glory man utd! :)