Friday, May 16, 2008

The Top Banner

Yeah, the banner is there. It is suitable with the black and blue theme as I want. The part that I love so much about the banner is the two people there. LOL. Basically, the design of the banner came from somewhere, I got the photoshop file of the banner and made some modifications on it. So, no more banner of Rubik's Cube but it doesn't mean I start to hate it. Just the change of the banner to make my blog look better. I might keep this design for a long long time, because to change it, I have to spend a lot of time - make backup, find the template, and so on.

For my readers, surfers and bloggers, it is my pleasure if you can leave comments and opinions about the new look of this blog. I accept all kind of comments and opinions but don't over provoking because over provoking makes me angry, honestly said. So, I hope, my readers are okay with this new look and I really hope my readers like it and I hope by changing the look, I can get more visitiors.

Thanks to Marzie for the invitation of the EntreCard, I will do it as soon as possible. I really need a high traffic of visitors to my blog.

Have a great day fellas. :)



Blimey!! It looks more stylish and gr8! I love that silhouette's too..well done Faizal.

Have a gr8 relaxing weekend and take care.

Yay! Hope to see u at EC soon..and I love this new look la! :)

Hi Noushy.
Its so great to hear that you like this new look and thank you.

Have a great weekend too Nouhsy and take care.

Thanks a lot Marzie and I will be at EC soon.

It looks so stylish! Wish I has photoshop, it's really unseful for all sorts of stuff.
Congrats on winning the CL final last night - would've died if Chelsea won it lol (hate them soooo much, but you probably already know that).

Thanks Jamjar and it feels so good to see Man United won the CL. So we got three cups this season. Charity Shield, League and CL.