Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World Never Stop to Change (No 2)


Anyone hates playing games? So, you shouldn't read this entry. I remember when I was a kid, during that time, I was around 7 to 10 years old and life was so beautiful, so pretty, so great. Even though my family could be categorized as a middle class people but my parent could afford me a Nintendo Game Console and that made my life greater and nicer during that time. As I said, world never stop to change. Maybe this day, you couldn't find anymore that kind of console as in the first pictures. If there are people who still have it, it just a "museum" stuff. Nobody prefers to play it anymore.

This console now has been replaced by the so-called Play Station and Xbox. Sometimes I feel like everyone has Play Station or Xbox but for real I haven't one. No more old school game console and it was one of memories of mine. However, that old game console was a starting point to the existence of Play Station and Xbox. If there is no old thing, the new thing couln't exist. I am thinking to get back that kind of old game console and if anyone is thinking to sell it, please contact me but makes sure it can still be used and I can play the games with it. The broken one will not be accepted.

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Hi Faizal, I have a PS2 at home but I don't play games... hahaha.. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my humble blog ;-)

Hi Faizal, hope you don't mind but I've tagged you with a meme on jamjarsuperstar. Hope you'll fill it in!

P.S. I still own all my old consoles. Kind of... nostalgic. There's some great retro games on some of them!

So nostalgic; I love it. I remember the old Nintendo Game Systems. So epic.

I've never had any of those games, but my dad did get me a Gameboy. Hehe

Oh ya btw, about SS. Just queue up for all the opps that has two green squares. It took me a while at first to get them coming in, but lama-lama definitely dapat.


Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. Wahh.. you got PS2 but you didn't play it? If I have one, I might play it 24/7. LOL

Hi JAMJAR. Thanks for the tag. I will do it later. I hope you still can play that console.:)


Yeah.. Nostalgic, that the approproate word for those consoles


Gameboy is cool too. LOL.

I hope I can get more from social spark. That for the reminder.