Sunday, May 25, 2008

World Never Stop to Change


I was born in 1986. I saw and I see how world is keep changing. I couldn't compare myself to older people who saw more than myself. Erm, this time I like to write about the radio and Ipod where in the middle of it, there are walkmans, cd players and mp3s. Could you see how the thing that so hard to invent at the first place, now become more sophisticated and it seems more easier to build the better one than the older one.

I never use the old radio like the picture above but I couln'd imagine if you give a Ipod to very old man who only experienced using that old radio when he was young. I'm sure he didn't expext that small Ipod is the thing that can produce music and sound as the old radio he had used.

This just one of thousand things that have been changed. From old school radio to a little bit better radio to the improved one to the walkman and cassette player to cd player to mp3 player to mp4 player and to a lot of kind of Ipod. The thing is, people change as this kind of stuff change but even thing gadget change to be the better one but people seem to change to be worse - not all - but on the harsh observation.

So, why don't we try to get one old radio and experienced it!! It must be nice.

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Salam dik,

My father still keep his 30 years old bulky,red colour tv set...and it's still functioning!He is one the living testimony that some people still enjoy bulkier things like tv,VCR player and cassetee player.

salam kak rai, thats cool.. LOL

I still listen to CDs and the radio, it's one of my only ways to find new music (well apart form the NME lol) but I have an iPod which I take everywhere and listen to practically every day. It understands me. Knows what I'm feeling.