Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zookoda For Bloggers

Hey Bloggers, once you get the visitors especially the visitors who frequently visit your blog, you better create a better relationship with. This is one step you could take. You could send the summary of your latest blog post to your visitors daily, weekly or monthly. So, you must be wondering how you could do that thing? Now, send summary of your latest blog posts to your visitors is easier with Zookoda email newsletters. Zookoda is specially designed for the benefit of bloggers and to keep bloggers on the right track for maintaining their blogs. Zookoda can help bloggers to constantly inform their visitors and readers whats new on their blogs.

It is all free with Zookoda. By using Zookoda, you can let your visitors to keep track of your latest blog posts. You can create and design your own newsletter to impress your visitors and readers. You can make it simple or you can make it complicated depend on the taste of your visitors and bloggers. You can also add the custom subscription form on your blog to make it easier for your reader to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Zookoda email newsletter is also a method to promote your blog. Your visitors might forward your newsletter to other readers, so you have an opportunity to increase the traffic of your blog and introduce your blog to those who still do not know about your blog.Zookoda is one of the best platform to help bloggers improving their blogs and their performance in blogging. Zookoda is also providing chances for bloggers to manage their blogs in better ways.

Get your Zookoda now and increase your traffic. In addition, your visitors will remain to visit your blog.

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Your SS ok already? I haven't got this one yet. I guess they selang selang kut. Give diff people diff opps at one time.


So far I just got 2 opportunities. Hope get more and more.