Monday, June 9, 2008

4 Matches Done

I was away from my hometown with my family for two days. So no entry on 7th June and 8th June which I should do some writing on EURO 2008. So, four matches are done - Swiss vs Czech, Portugal vs Turkey, Austria vs Croatia, and Germany vs Poland. So, two of my choosen team which is Portugal and Germany already won their first game. I choose Swiss to win for the opening game against Czech even though I know Czech has a better reputation than Switzerland but I was thinking as a host of EURO 2008, even Switzerland is not a favorite, they might be can do something very unpredictable. Austria as a host also lost to Croatia 0-1.

For Portugal and Germany which these two teams I choose to win this EURO 2008 were doing a great job for their first matches. My favorite player - Cristiano Ronaldo did not score the goal yet but he did the good job to start the move for scoring. Portugal won 2-0 over Turkey and both were started by Ronaldo from the left side where he played and Portugal really played a great football. I didn't watch the match between Germany and Poland because I was too sleepy last night but Germany won 2-0 over Poland and and both goals score by Podolski.

But, the journey is still so long and I don't want to make early prediction which team will win this EURO because it might be some surprise from the host Austia-Switzerland who lost in their first game. I'm waiting France to play, they are really having a problem with the players' condition.