Monday, June 16, 2008

87th and 89th

I could say it was unbelieveable, I was terrific, it was great and it was really a last minute extra ordinary performance and goal. Turkey did it to quarter final and Nihat Kahveci became the Hero of Turkey last night against Czech with his two goals in 87th minute and 89th minute. Even though, it seemed that Turkey will lose and when the equalizer made by Nihat, it seemed that the match will be ended with penalty, but in 89th minute, the nice and beautiful through passed to Nihat opened a scoring opportunity for him and he did it so well and Turkey will meet Croatia in quarter final. In the other match last night Switzerland won over Portugal 2-0 but nothing change because Portugal already in quarter final but at least, as a co-host, Switzerland gained one win in this EURO 2008.

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