Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Almost Done

Believe me, sometimes I felt that it is not easy being myself when it comes to the matter of updating and maintaining my blog in order to get better look and better feel. I always attracted to the new templates whenever I found one especially the very nice blog templates. Previously, my blog templates used the main colors of black and blue and a little bit red and it was three columns blog template. I downloaded that previous blog from eblog templates.

This new template also had been downloaded from eblog template and the main criteria that I love about this blog is the existence of the color of "blue" because I love blue. Compare to my previous template which the background for main section and side bars is all black, this new template makes me feel better because there is white for the main section and a kind of gray for the sidebars.

Another stuff that make me choose this template are the part of recent articles and subscribe me. I like the designs and the way there are separated from the main section, I am referring to the white line of gray section.

The problem to me is to make a good arrangement of those widgets. Yeah, I should admit, it is difficult and I really had to think hard how to arrange them properly and I hope my readers and visitors like the arrangement I did even though I still feel that the current arrangement of widgets is not the best one.

But what can I say, blogging is a part of my daily life and I blog almost everyday except when I have no idea what to blog.



I like your new template ;-) well done!!!

lama x dgr cite. nk jd lawyer ek..bagus2

faizal, nk link ur blog to mine, boleh?

nway, nice blog.keep it up :)


Awards are nice. Thanks.


I love this new template too.

Faeiz Syezri Adzmin.

Macam tak caya pulak, suddenly, you are here di blog aku. It's nice to see old friend blogging too.

new template, nice arrangement!