Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Awards

I received my first awards from Rozella and I really want to thanks Rozella so much for giving me the first award, the so-called Xxtraordinary Blogger Award. Recently I received another awards from Monica and Ratu Syura. I got two awards from Monica, the award called Daily Blogger Award and You Are My Friend Award. And there is one Special Award called Sharing The Love Award passed by Ratu Syura. To know why the award is so special, please go to Ratu Syura's entry here.

So again, I really would like to thank Rozella, Monica and Ratu Syura for those awards. Please check out my side bar of "Blogger's Awards".

p/s:I'm looking to create award to pass to my beloved blogger friends. Coming soon!!



Well done. I have been quiet lately, because I have had lots of server problems, a laptop cable broken and life just got in the way.

hi Faizal, I have a frienddship tag for you :)


Yeah, I am wondering where you had been. Nice to see you back here.


Thanks for the tag

Awww, don't mention it lah! You're a great blogger friend and it has been a pleasure to have know you. :)

Aww.. don't mention it! No problem at all.. :)


I must mention it because that how I should show my appreciation to both of you for giving me those awards.

also to MONICA.

Congrats Faizal! This is a new award, so good for you! :):):)