Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ballack The Hero

I was worried if Germany didn't make it to quarter final but thanks to Ballack who scored the only winning goal which qualify Germany to quarter final together with Croatia from Group B. The goal came in 49th minute from the beautiful free kick by Ballack. So, it means, both co-host are out and they just the audience in the next round. So far, three from my four teams are in quarter final namely Portugal, Germany and Netherland. For France, if they can best Italy tonight and in the same time, Netherland beats Romania, France will be in quarter final. If Italy win and Romania lose, Italy will move on with Netherlands. If Romania wins over Netherland, both 2006 World Cup Finalists will be out but my heart will still with France. In another match last night Croatia won the third match 1-0 against Poland.

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I've two awards for you!!! ;-)