Sunday, June 1, 2008

Business Conversation

Last night, I met my old friends. We used to study in the same school for three years. We had this one nice conversation which made me think that making money online is not an easy thing especially if you are depending on your blogs to make money. One of this friends has been blogging for almost two years and he had to used more than 10 blogs as an experiment to see the potential of making money from blogs.

In our half serious conversation about business, I learn few important things and I really need to practice the things he told me. However, you cannot expect immediate money from your blog because every business must start with the very very hard work.

Lets take one example, if you are have an intention to make money by reviewing, the maturity of your blogs at least three months and the blog must be active. The blog which has better page rank is easier to get an opportunity to do the review. So, before you are capable to make money with review, you must maintain your blogs and be very patient.

If there are new bloggers out there, good luck.



Ohhh, good thoughts. Definitely something to think about.

I think I should have built up my PR 1st before starting all this sponsored ad thing... because ever since I started I'm down to 0 and it has never gone back up :( So sad.

Yes Le Coeur.

This is serious thing becase they are people who making a lot of money from their blogs.

Yeah Rozella, I also got same prob. 0 PR. :(