Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Changing Process

I am so sorry if you feel a little uncomfortable right now while surfing my blog because I am still in the process of updating and make some changes of the template of this blog. I made a decision to again, change my template because I find this template seems more professional and I believe thousands of bloggers out there are using this kind of blog template. So, the changing process is till on going. I need time to make it proper and nice to see. However, thanks to my readers and visitors who keep visiting and reading this blog.

Thanks fellas.



I looked, and thought "whoa! He's changed again!!"
I liked the old template but whatever floats your boat I guess!


hey, nice template!!! I like this ;-)

Hola Faizal! I have something for you at my blog, congrats!

No wonder...have a gr8 weekdays my friend...hope you are fine.Take care.

Cool new layout. I like! :)


Actually I kinda like the previous template too, but then, I think this template could make me feel professional, I guess. I hope you will like it later. :)


It is my pleasure that you like this new look. Keep visiting and reading okay.


Thanks a lot for those award. I am in the process to make one post/page especially for awards only since I got many awards now. Thanks again.


Have a nice day for you too and always take care. Can't wait for final of EURO right?


Yeah, i think it cool too. :>