Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deco Ronaldo and Quaresma

What a great football showed by Portugal as Portugal is the first team to book the ticket to quarter final and it means one from my four favorite teams is in quarter final now. I'm waiting for Germany, France and Netherlands to follow Portugal. Early goal by Deco in 8th minute of the first half is so surprising because I'm not expecting that the goal came to early. However the excitement not so long when Sionko equalized in 17th minute and the first half ended by 1-1.

Second half - that thing happened- the great performance and a nice football by Portugal especially from the best EPL's player, Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored the second goal and assisted the third goal for Quaresma to put the ball into wide open goal. Now, Portugal will have bigger challenge and keeping their momentum and performance is so crucial if they are really intended to move on to final or at least semi final.

Switzerland as one of the hosts can forget this EURO because 2 lost mean they are out and one more space from group A - whether Czech or Turkey and I'm predicting that Czech will be the second team from Group A to be in quarter final. Hope the prediction will be right. :)

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haih penat tgk entry bolaaaa aje nih.haha

huhu...Ronaldo really the best player
in the world...
but I don't expect them to win Euro..
yeah, maybe I will change my mind, in case they continously bring a great football...
my favourite now is Holland...
hope they will rumble this tournament!

I hope that the teams you like make it to the next round!

Musim musim EURO ni K.NADIA, memang entry bola jer la.

Hey Dude, VDS.

Long time no see. Kebetulan kot, I choose Netherlands to win too. LOL


I hope so too.

Portugal should win Euro 2008! My favorite team is Portugal of course.

I do not agree with those who keep jumping from one team to another because that team is stronger in Euro 2008. For me you must have a team that you support for your whole life does not matter whether they are strong or weak this year or for the next 10 years.

To those who keep jumping I guess you are not a soccer die hard fan, not even like soccer I guess? :)


No people die just because they choose few teams in EURO. Like me, I choose 4 teams because I like all four teams. So, whats wrong with it? I am supporting this four team for years not only in this EURO 2008.

And you have no right to say that people who jumping from team to another is not a real fan of soccer. Thats the right to do so because nothing wrong with it.