Monday, June 23, 2008

EURO 2008 Update No.4

As the quarter final was over, now we are waiting for semi finals. Semi finals gonna Germany vs Turkey and Russia vs Spain. Basically, I can say EURO 2008 is over to me because Netherlands didn't make it to semi final, however for those four teams in semi finals, my support will go to Germany and I hope Russia will be Spain.

However, people should expect the final might be between Turkey and Russia because both team are really doing extra ordinary in this competition. Turkey beat Croatia in quarter final while Russia was defeating Netherlands.

So, EURO is almost over and I do not really happy with this year of EURO because no France and Netherlands in semi finals.

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How could you! I thought you'd support Spain with me instead of rooting for the other team!
LOL! No, support who you want it's okay. Loads of my mates are supporting Russia as well but I've got no idea why - one of my friends put a bet on for all the group winners to win the group and he won 500 quid! Now he's depressed because Holland is out so his second bet has been destroyed lol.
Come on Spain, your time is now!


Yeah.. Turkey vs Russia in the finals would be a kick. And I would not be surprised if Turkey pulls another last minute kind of goal. Nak kene belajar ilmu tu.. LOL!