Friday, June 6, 2008

Fire of EURO 2008

The time is really approaching and the fire becomes hotter and hotter. After the EPL is ended, now it is the time for another greatest football in the world - EURO 2008. I was in hostel when the qualification round was played but fortunately I able to watch the draw of the EURO 2008. EURO 2008 will start in the midnight of 7th June 2008 - the game between Switzerland and Republic Czech.

EURO 2008 is great as World Cup even though there are no country such as Brazil and Argentina is EURO, but still it is one of the greatest football event in the world. The thing in EURO this year is there is no England. Some people feel that EURO is less excitement because England is not qualified, but personally, I don't think it will be less excitement just because England is not qualified.

Group C could be said the death group with two World Cup 2006 finalists in that group - France and Italy, worsen with Netherland in the same group, the team which has a great capable to score a great goal because Netherland has players like Nistelrooy and Seedorf. So, which team you choose to win EURO 2008? I hope it will be not a Greece anymore and I am still wondering how they can win over Portugal in EURO 2004.

This time of EURO, I choose France or German of Netherland to win EURO. If these teams not win, I hope one of these three team become a finalist.

Lets EURO babies!!!



Hey, I live in England and don't mind that they're not qualified. I don't think it's a big deal there are much better teams out there. Personally I back Spain, but I think Italy might be a good bet too!
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Yeah, I think Spain has a big chance too.They are at their top performance.I dont want Italy, I dont really like them. However, I also hope Portugal can be a finalist. famous WAGs in the tournament aside from the excitement of watching the sphere would miss the million ££££££ from England's WAGs team lolz!!

Less £££££££ pouring for the host country..hehehehe

And good for us as there's gonna be no danger or inevitable heart attack or heart break since let's enjoy the tournament till the end..I know I will!

p/s thanks for your comment and visiting my blog,I appreciate it.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend and yess enjoy the Euro 2008!

Hello Faizal,
Just popping in to say hi to you. It was so nice of you to drop in on me.

I will bookmark you and come back sometime over the week end and join up!!

I am doing drops tonight and also taking a little time off.

I hope you are having a great week end!!:-)


Glad to see you back in here. You must enjoy the EURO so much right.

Have a great weekend Noushy


Thanks for visiting my blog. I will frequently visit your blog.

Have a nice weekend.

woo-hoo! tonight huh...:-D

Hi Faizal! My hubby pun upset England didn't qualify. He's rooting for Spain now. Oh and guess what la? He's going to Switz without me to watch the first quarter final match later, Boo hoo hoo! :)