Friday, June 13, 2008

First Red Card

Last night is a disappoinment for me as Germany lost to Croatia 1-2 and I am personally blaming Lehmann for his poor performance, but for the Croatia's second goal, Podolski made a mistake, the cross ball hit his hand because it made Lehmann confused and you know what happen next if you watched the match. I couldn't say it here, makes me a little bit sad. Worsen, Schweinsteiger got first red card of EURO 2008. Even though, Podolski scored the only goal for Germany in that match, I think it didn't help to much.

In another match, 1-1 for Austria and Poland with last minute penalty for Austria. Germany needs to win against Austria in next match of Group B and Germany should not expect and easy game against Austria after what happened last night. In football, expect the unexpected.

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