Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lucky Germany

Should I say Germany really had a little luck in the match against Turkey early this morning? Yeah, lucky Germany when Philip Lahm scored the winning goal in 90th minute and the goal help Germany to make it to final waiting for Spain or Russia. I am sure, the semi final against Turkey must be the heart beating moment for Germany when Semih made it 2-2 in 86th minute. I imagine if Philip didn't score that third goal, the extra will take place and the game will be ended with penalty and Turkey will make it to final, not Germany.

However, football fans around the world should give credit fot Turkey for reaching semi final. As the underdog team, nobody expect Turkey will reach until semi final and they really did a good job in EURO 2008.

So, final gonna be Germany vs Spain or Germany vs Russian and I want the Germany's opponent to be Russia.

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You've got it all up! :) Congrats on all your other awards too ya?

How did Germany win the match? Did you wonder?

I think the Turks were playing really well. And I really didn't know what the Germans were doing.

Lucky Germans!