Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Awards Things

Since I received my first award from Rozella (thanks again to Rozella and again), I started to received another awards, followed by two awards given by Monica and another award form Ratu Syura. Recently I received another awards from Marzie and honestly said Marzie's blog is my most favorite blog all time because since I get to know about Marzie and her blog, I learn more things about blogging and from her blog I get to know another great nice cool blogger such as Nick Philip, Rozella, Monica, Ratu Syura and few of another good bloggers. From Marzie blog, I also learn about things such as tag and meme. Thanks to Marzie because her blog taught me a lot of things about blogging and thanks to Marzie for the following awards she gave to me.

You Cheer Me Up Award

You Inspire Me Award

Cool Cat Award

Friendship Award

Friendly Blogger Award

Special Friend Award

Arte y Pico Award

Excellent Award

XXtraordinary Blogger Award also had been given by Rozella

Best Blogger Award also had been given by Rozella

I'm A Daily Blogger Award also had been given by Monica

Sharing The Love Award also had been given by Ratu Syura

Grade AA Award

It feels so great for receiving awards. LOL!!!



Ooooh, so many awards!! Congrats Faizal! And thanks for the mention ya!! I'm flattered.. :) Btw, I love the new template! Very clean and neat. I wanted something like this too but I figured it's just not ME.. :P

sorry ar bro..dah lame x singgah sini..
anyway...pergh! lawa gile theme baru..
caya ar! sweet of you & congrats!!!


Yes,suddenly I got many awards from Marzie. And for sure, I must mention it. I hope this template will last and no change anymore.


Its okay bro. Just drop by if you got time.

Faizal, I like your new template much better too!

Congrats on all the awards and thanks for the wonderful mention of my blog here. I'm so happy to hear that you met several great bloggers via Mariuca. I always look forward to ur visits, so keep them coming! :):):)

Congrats on all this Faizal!

Congratulations on all the awards, Faizal. I have a tag for you to do.. don't worry.. it's something that I think all guys would like to blog about. :)


Your blog is the best.


I like the tag so much, the so called Inspector gadget.