Sunday, June 22, 2008

Netherlands oh Netherlands

After France broke my heart to not qualify to quarter final, now it Netherlands' turn to break my heart to not qualify to semi final with bad performance against Russia. After did so well and played great football to beat Italy 3-1, beat France 4-1 and beat Romania 2-1, suddenly, they played the worse football against Russia. Equalizer by Nistelrooy at 86th minute was nothing because extra time was totally belong to Russia with 2 goals which put them in semi final waiting for Italy or Spain.

So, from four teams that I choose to make it to final, only Germany is in semi final and they will face Turkey andI really don't want to make early expectation that Germany will easily beat Turkey because Russian which is not a big name in European football capable to beat Netherlands 3-1. I don't what the hell that Sneijder and Van Persie were doing. Both of them had few great scoring opportunities but they only wasted those opportunities.

And Van der Sar really made worse mistake twice during extra time and he should blame himself for the lose. Netherlands really played worse football against Russia and their good performanc during groups stage means nothing.

So, you should expect final will be between Turkey and Russia.

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It sure sucks that Holland didn't make it ... I was rooting for them and with the way they were playing, I thought they could have even become Euro Champions.

But I'm placing my bets of Russia now. Gus Hiddink is arguably one of the best international managers around who might just pull of a surprise or two ...

Yeah NICK.

It really sucks because I really want to see Netherlands to be a champ.

So I hope, Russia will defeat Spain in semi final.